Thursday, 28 December 2017

Adapt your OS characters to Macchiato Monsters

Here is another post salvaged from my G+ feed. The process I go through when importing characters from other OSA games into Macchiato Monsters.

- Have six D&D-like stats? Keep 'em if they were rolled old school style. Otherwise roll 3d6 in order and arrange the results to make your character look like your character.
- Your traits are your race, your occupation, your origin, etc. Have two on the house.
- Your special powers and abilities will be considered on a case to case basis, but not before they become relevant in play. I may ask you to limit their use to a number of times per day (equal to your level, if you have one), or give them a risk die.
- Your magic spells and incantations work one of two ways: exactly like they're handled in your original system, OR as if they were MM spells. In which case, choose one spell per level (level-less? Use the medium level for this adventure), and rephrase it if you want.
- Money should be converted to a wealth dR according to the table in Extra Shot.
- Gear shouldn't be an issue. I'll give you a dR for some items, and the quantities can be adapted using this handy table that +Whidou  made with his math brain:
Coffee drinking gnolls from the MM Zero book

dR4 = 1,33
dR6 = 3,33
dR8 = 6
dR10 = 9,33
dR12 = 13,33

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