Sunday, 13 January 2019

Accidental Comments Annihilation

I was wondering why no one commented on my posts, like ever. But this morning I noticed that two comments on yesterday's posts were showing on mobile Chrome, and nowhere else. Then I saw that the back office showed several comments (sometimes dozens!) on the most recent posts.

Turns out the G+ integration feature was messing with the blog, because no one at Google gives the tiniest of fucks.

I turned it off, and guess what: everything is gone.

I'll never know how much of this traffic was spam, or what interesting conversations I missed while looking like a smug arsehole who never gets involved.

No, really: thank you, Google.

Guess I'll make time to export everything to a Wordpress install before the roof collapses on our heads.

EDIT: Well it's not working at all right now. I can't post comments on my own blog. I'd noticed that one or two of my comments on other people's blogs never showed up, but unless I'm missing something this is a widespread disease on Blogger. I would ask you for feedback but... Hahaha. 


  1. I definitely commented on the HD post.

    You should switch to Wordpress

  2. I just figured out that this is your non-G+ blog. So glad to have done so. Are you going to move over to MeWe? I love your work.

    1. Thanks a lot, David! I'm not going to MeWe, but I'll be hovering around Discord and considering Friendica/Pluspora. I'm also active on Twitter @surcapitaine (though it's not all about gaming).


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