Monday, 10 June 2019

Temporary new home for the blog

Something I should have posted earlier:

I'll get to make a proper home for my bloggerings at some stage, but for the moment I'm choosing the easy thing: host it with the website of my TTRPGs in corporate offices venture, Desks & Dragons.

Being part of the front for a commercial venture, the blog will feature some mainstream content - meaning stuff about getting into RPGs and the benefits thereof, not DUDE LOOKIT MAH SICK TABAXI RANGER-PALADIN BUILD or reviews of DM's Guild feat compilations.

I'm still posting for the nerdniche: procedural experiments, random tables, etc. I'll talk about the game I'm developing for short sessions with beginners and casual players Lunchtime Dungeons, it's even more streamlined little brother, Dungeonsnack, and of course Macchiato Monsters (which should also get its website soon - apologies for the commercial link).

I also want to keep posting about generic adventure game / old school stuff, such as the work I've started to do with Old School Essentials. For instance, my latest post is an attempt at rewriting the B/X spell list: 15 spells with similar uses as the 1st level spells of Moldvay's Basic, but more versatility and personality.

The Old School RPG Planet link, Twitter bot, and RSS feed should be updated soon too. In the mean time, the Dev Blog is over there.

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